6/19 – 6/20

Presenters for this session include: Rutgers University Student Assembly (RUSA), New Student Orientation & Family Programs (NSOFP), Rutgers University Police Department (RUPD), Rutgers University Emergency Services (RUES), Departments of Transportation Services (DOTS), Major Events & Programs (MEAP), Rutgers University Programming Association (RUPA), Violence Prevention and Victim Assistance (VPVA), Health Outreach, Promotion & Education (HOPE), and Dean of Students (DOS).

Day 1

New Student Check-In
Livingston B Apartments

Small Group Meeting #1
Livingston Campus/Livingston Hall

University Welcome
Livingston Hall
Presented by: RUSA and NSOFP

Intro to Rutgers and University Community
Breakout Rooms
Presented by: NSOFP

Lunch/Resource Fair
Carr Library

Parking and Uniformed Services
Livingston Hall
Presented by: RUPD, RUES, DOTS

Bus Dismissal
Livingston Hall
Presented by: NSOFP

Campus Tours
All Campuses
Presented by: NSOFP

Livingston Dining Commons

Game Show
Livingston Hall
Presented by: NSOFP

Get Involved Presentation
Livingston Hall
Presented by: MEAP

Meal Packaging/Opportunities Fair
Livingston Student Center Food Court/Concourse
Presented by: RUPA, NSOFP, Campus Partners

Livingston B Apartments
Presented by: RUPA

Late Night Programming
Livingston B Apartments
Presented by: NSOFP

Day 2

Breakfast/ Small Group Meeting #2
Livingston Dining Commons
Presented by: NSOFP

Living On Campus/Living Off Campus
Livingston Hall
Presented by: Residence Life & Commuter Life

Your Campus, Your Community
Livingston Hall
Presented by: NSOFP

Language Matters
Breakout Rooms
Presented by: NSOFP

Small Group Meeting #3
Livingston Student Center
Presented by: NSOFP

Livingston Dining Commons

SCREAM Theater
Livingston Hall
Presented by: VPVA

Small Group Meeting #4
Livingston Student Center
Presented by: NSOFP

Health and Wellness
Livingston Hall
Presented by: HOPE

Breakouts/Academic Priority Sessions
LSC 201- Leadership
LSC 202- Wellness
Gathering Lounge- Expository Writing
CLC- Music at Rutgers
Coffeehouse- Career Services
MPR- Greeklife
Rutgers Cinemas 1- Academic Priority Sessions
Presented by: Leadership, Wellness, Expository Writing, Music at Rutgers, Career Services, Greek Life

Small Group Meeting #5
Livingston Student Center
Presented by: NSOFP

So You Think You Can Save
Livingston Hall
Presented by: NSOFP

Closing Ceremony
Livingston Hall
Presented by: NSOFP, DOS

Break Out Session Descriptions (Day 2)

Music at Rutgers
Hundreds of students who are NOT music majors perform in the world class ensembles led by faculty of the Mason Gross School of the Arts – all of our ensembles are open to non majors and majors alike. Come hear faculty and students from the music department at Rutgers University describe the opportunities and the process for participation at this exciting breakout session on Music at Rutgers University.

Expos and Beyond: An Insider’s Guide to the Rutgers Writing Requirements
A Writing Program director helps to prepare you for Expository Writing and explains the other writing requirements students will face at Rutgers.

You Get the Job, We’ll Help you Be Good At It: Exploring Leadership at Rutgers
Experience how the Department of Leadership & Experiential Learning can help develop both personal and professional skills that will transform your leadership style, cultivate confidence and self-awareness, and take your resume to the next level.

Fraternity and Sorority Life at Rutgers
Want to learn more about fraternity and sorority life at RU?  Join us to learn about our fraternity and sorority community, identify criteria to consider as you research our chapters and get a general overview of our fall and spring recruitment events.

Discover Your Purpose: Choosing a Major & Career That Works For You
Already know what you want to major in and what career you want to pursue? Maybe you’re still deciding what your academic and career plan will be? Either way, University Career Services can help you find a meaningful and fulfilling career and guide you in the process of designing your career path, but only if you start engaging with us in your first year. Come learn how!

Academic Success through Sports and Fitness
Studies have shown there are countless health benefits brought on by physical activity – be it devotion to a sport club, playing intramurals, participating in fitness classes or outdoor recreation, a trip to the gym, or simply a daily walk around campus. When we take care of our bodies, our minds follow, allowing us to be the best we can be.  So stop by and learn more about your Recreation department.